the "bimp" (only for the non-squeamish and fearless)

I am heading to Medicine Hat tommorrow to get a bump excised from under the ball of my right foot.  I don't mean to gross anyone out but this is my therapy blog after all, and only because we all thought it was a bunion for the last 3 years and until a year ago I was advised to have it removed to find out what it is.  A cyst? A ganglion (sp)? A calcium depost?  I have had 2 x rays and 1 ultrasound and 2 MRI's done.  The radiologists and surgeon can't put their finger on what exactly it it is being drawn out and then sent away for diagnosis.  Brian and I have been joking about this thing under my foot for a couple of years now and we have nicknamed this thing "the bimp" when my foot aches or I needed someone to massage it (yup that is what Mantracker does because he is a loving husband and I appreciate that)!

I like to talk straight here.  Is it a cancerous bump?  I doubt it..but whatever it is I am glad it is being removed.  Henceforth the picture below.  I am really making you queasy and grossing you out right now, aren't I? fingers just type and my mind just writes what I am thinking.

I will not be up walking and playing around for 2 or 3 weeks possibly, so I will just have to watch the "equines" run and play around.

My foot will be up resting for awhile and I may do alot of posting on this blog or I may not. 
See you on June 21st for my wedding dress reveal pictures of 30 years ago!!

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Joy Jarrett said...

Hi Donna...I heard from Jacqui that you were having this little thing done. thanks for sharing about your fears as well. Also wanted to say that you're blog about your wedding dress has made me think about a few my life as well as some things that I have stashed away in a box.....I just might have to haul them out and take a look at them.
Oh.....and about the words for you for today are "fear not"

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