Carol's watercolours

I was watercolour painting yesterday and I came across an amazing surprise. My sister-in-law Carol, who left us almost 2 years ago, due to Cancer, was a very creative and artistic person. Her husband, my brother-in-law Trevor, didn't know what to do with the huge supply of art supplies she had stored away. These supplies were top of the line art equipment, paint brushes, watercolour papers, watercolour pencils and paint, oil paints and brushes and possibly more. Trevor donated these to her friend Shirley who in turn gave me her watercolour supply as she knew I was trying my hand at it. So....when I opened up the paper pad, out flopped these sketches that Carol must have been working on. Well needless to say, my feeble attempts were put to shame.
I would like to put these small pieces of art together in a frame and I don't know if any of her 3 grown children would like them but it was a very inspiring gift she presented to me.  I love when things like this takes you back and helps you remember the beauty of the person who is no longer in our visual sight but very much a part of our lives.

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Sharla said...

What a wonderful surprise!

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