pathologist diagnosis of the bimp

I returned to MH to have my stitches pulled out today. Dr. Bering had the report back from the pathological testing on my bimp. It is not a tumor and it is not a ganglion. It is a rheumatoid inflammatory bump (nodule). I have to think about this and I googled it and I guess it could be worse. 

I know my healing touch energy training has been beneficial and will continue to be an alternative medicine that will work well with traditional doctor care.  It is a good team.

But, sometimes you are given information and it takes time to ponder the message or words that were used to inform.  I am like that right now.  It is not a ganglion and ganglion's most usually come back, a tumor is something  no one wants.  

My foot feels great now that the stitches are out and the Dr. told me to start with all my regular activities and to just take the medication when it becomes painful.  So I will do just that.

This is the end of my "bump under my foot journey" and it will explain mainly other things going on with my neck and shoulders as well.  Lots of information is good but I will not dwell on it and carry on with my daily power walking and wearing orthotics.  Life is becoming enjoyable and I don't want to miss out on anything. 

thanks for listening..

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Sharla said...

I'm a little confused by this post...I will be googling your diagnosis as well.

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