high speed and photo review

just for fun and to celebrate the end of my hiatus at home AND ALSO THAT I HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET as of last night and I can actually post these pictures without taking a week off work to do it.. (was frustrating) .. I have some chosen photos that never got posted to this blog since I started Kirkville 2 1/2 years ago. I have picked out very randomly photos that have caught my eye now. 
skii lodge at Castle Mountain (father and son)
bird banding project science fair
me, mom and my sister
not a great photo but it was my first year riding in the equestrian clinics
oh my gosh look at "Summer" on the left...
Tom was a pirate at the Swift Current Library when he did his magic show for story time
some of my family in the kitchen
Tom packing up dorm to come home for the summer (2008)
Brian visiting Morley at their acreage by Spy Hill
Brian visitng Holland with his dad a few years ago and was comparing the size of the policeman's horses to himself.
ahh..miss my Snowball..
coworkers Hallowe'en costumes at work
Eastside Marios in Lethbridge
Rocky's famous roll when he gets an itchy back (kind of gross looking)

Tom with fellow Saskatchewan winners of the Future Leadership Conservation Award in 2007 at the Delta Inn in Regina


Snowflake said...

Love your photo review!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos now that you have high speed!!!

DeviantThomas said...

I love the randomness, thank you for shuffling those pictures, it was very nice to see that we haven't wasted THAT much of our lives :P

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