TGIF and "bimpless"

 my foot will heal quickly but only if I rest it alot and keep it elevated.
 for wonderful fun and joyful nursing staff who love their jobs.  Oh my...! I had great nurses on the day surgery ward at MH hospital. 
by women who are not afraid to speak openly.  One nurse told me that her favourite surgeon was the one I had to do my foot excisement.  Dr. Michael Bering.  She winked at me and said I am not supposed to say this but Dr. Bering is my favourite.  He saved my right leg 12 years ago and I am walking quite well today because of his excellent work.  Well that made me feel good.  A couple of nurses were teasing Mantracker terribly about how he should be going to a jewelery store or flower shop while he was waiting for me. Mantracker said he was going to pick up a pair of wranglers for me.  They looked at him and said "if you come up with a pair of wranglers for your wife.. we will not let you back in".  "We will confiscate the bag"!....  anyway all in good fun and Mantracker came back with a nice pair of blue jean capris with a blue and white striped belt around it.  It was a very tasteful choice and they fit me perfectly.  (story: i had spilled a bottle of lysol disinfectant on my black capris in the car yesterday and it literally burned holes in them).
I am home with my foot up and doing well. I had my "bimp" removed yesterday and all is well.  The only problem I had was after my general anesthesia I got very nauseous and woozy.  I was literally "bringing it all forward" into a hospital "ralph" pan for 2 hours after.  The nurses gave me a barf bag and a shot of gravol in the butt and wheelchaired me to the car because it was 7 p.m. and day surgery was closing.  Mantracker thought the ride home was going well until I proceeded to use "the bag"! oh my!  after that one session which happened just outside of MH I henceforth crashed and slept all the way.  The gravol must of finally kicked in. 

The good news is my surgeon stated just before the little operation that he strongly believes it is a ganglion.
So I looked up on google about ganglion's on the foot.  It just totally fits what I have had going on under my foot for a few years.  Glad it is removed.  Hope it never comes back!


Catherine said...

So glad everything went well Donna! Hope you just sit with your foot up relaxing, snoozing, reading, garden looking, blog hopping, TV watching...what ever brings a smile to your face! Take care!
xo Catherine

Dave & Lisa said...

Glad to hear all went well. That little friend of yours should stay away I had one removed about 15 years ago from my tendon on my wrist and still good .. Take care and make sure to get extra spoiled and have everyone do everything for you

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