what was my "bestest" thing to do?

The word "bestest" I know is not really a word but I do like to summarize and pinpoint the absolute best of any day and especially vacations away from home.  So the word "bestest" works perfect for me.  I asked Mantracker what was his "bestest" part of our vacation.  He said "it was just relaxing".

All in all I would have to say that the real highlight is always listening to Buck and watching the improvement in the riders in the clinic on the last day.

look at that sky and the mountains in the background!

she looks a little bit like I did when I was her age? ya right...something about long blonde hair and a tan and riding a horse (big sigh..whoa is me..) she was a good little rider though.

Buck telling his stories and providing tips to the audience

other "BESTEST" things to do in Bozeman:
shopping at Coldwater Creek
shopping at Macys dept store
dining at Applebees Bar & Grill - great food and great atmosphere
sitting outside downtown Bozeman college bar patio on a warm Montana evening
whitewater rafting on the Gallatin River (we rode the "mad mile"!!)
the scenery of the Montana Big Sky and the peaceful mountains

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Sharla said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! Good for you!

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