the end and the beginning

I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years now.
When I sat down to write my first post, I was excited about the picture I was uploading and sharing my fun in "cyberspace".
I had started reading a couple of blogs that my coworkers had implemented, and after some tips and ideas from them as to what this blogging was about, and how to start one, I decided to try it.
I have gotten so many great ideas and fun inspiration, and I needed to write a bit about my son Graham's passing in 2004 and the feelings, thoughts and family doings and interests that had developed from that incident. All my blog posts were a therapeutic way for me to "talk" and "express".
I hope I have left you the readers some insights and little stories of my little family of 3.
My life is a little different now than it was then.
My interest in sharing myself has changed and I want to do more with horses and healing energy work.
I loved blogging and this decision was not without trepidation, but leaving something that I know has done for me what it needed to do, also must end.
I really, really want you to know that I have loved your comments and e-mails and verbal praises that you have given me over the last 2 1/2 years.


Catherine said...

I will miss you Donna!

(But of course we shall catch up in the hallways at work!) :)
xo Catherine

Snowflake said...

I will really miss your photos!! I have looked forward to reading your blog and becoming reacquainted with a childhood friend. I've shed tears and marveled at how bravely you have shared your emotional ups and downs over the past 2 and a half years. I hope you will enjoy your time with horses and healing energy and will find it as rewarding as your blogging experiences!!! Take care Donna and keep in touch!!!!

Sharla said...

Awww...I will miss your blog Donna. Even though we work together at least a couple days a week, this has been a way for me to get to know you on a level I never would have been able to at work. Thanks for sharing yourself with me and your other blog friends!!!

katrina lauren said...

sweet donna. i have loved watching you find what you needed to find through your blogging. you have beautifully shared your thoughts and feelings. you have been such a special friend to me...and i think so much of you. i have seen such strength through your words...and this inspired me when i needed to find strength as well.
with love always.

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