Tom was accepted to attend a "Marine Semester" at the University of New Brunswick this fall.  He has been talking about Marine Biology for over a year now at least.  He told us that he was googling and found this university program.  The plan was that if he was going back to school that it would be in the fall of 2012. 

However, this University at St John NB, accepted his application and liked his diploma at Lethbridge College.  Tom applied not realizing for some reason, that if you put an application in July and are accepted that means you start in the fall of that same year.  He was not expecting to get accepted and he was ecstatic, as he should be. 

This short period of time from now, July 16 to starting a University semester on Sept 6 was starting to become a bit overwhelming for me, even though, I would do it and help him with the financing.  Brian and I were not real clear on what he would receive after he completed this hands-on "Marine Semester" 12 week program.  Tom was told that he would get a letter of reference from the University describing how he did in the program.  If you were going to University for your degree, full time,  it would be 20 credits and considered a full semester program. 

As parents, of course we want him to do this.  After further discussion with Tommy we advised him that he should apply to attend University full time in 2012 instead and if NB is accepting his diploma as a prerequisite then it would be financially more beneficial to do it that way, and leave with a degree not a "letter of reference".  The hands-on 12 week marine biology semester would be awesome experience for him; it's  just that he doesn't know what he would do after that, if he would find work in St. John or ?.

Tom, last night, declined the acceptance, and will work for a year, get some finances in place and live independently for awhile.

I am so overjoyed that he is considering strongly on returning to school and that he has a goal ahead of him.  His diploma has not sent him on a career path as yet and he is presently working full time at REM Enterprises in Swift Current.  Right now it is as a 'Assembly Line worker" painting equipment springs.  His employment with WestCountry Oilfield Services, as a Herbicide Applicator, lasted 2 months only and was a great job, great pay, but he was laid off along with many others as the heavy flooding on job sites and properties were not enabling anyone to get in for any spraying, henceforth, no properties to attend to.

Choices are tough, and when you are only 24, a year is not long.  I think Tommy was okay with this as he is still too dependent on us for financing as we would have to guarantee a loan for him.

The job market in Saskatchewan is very minimal for environmental resource positions and apparently Alberta is even more minimal. 

I pray he finds eventually a job that suits his personality along with his school training.  Eventually this will happen, just bumpy potholes along the way. 

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