sno geese

driving to moose jaw Oct 23 we passed the highfield dam and thousands of snow geese were sitting on top of the water.  I wonder "how" they actually decide to take off, lift up and fly?  is it like "okay this is it, come on everyone, lets fly and remember to fly in a "V" to strengthen our flight speed" .   "let's head south and catch the rays and  eat fish from the oceans!

my coworkers and friends fly south too.  But we spend several hundreds of dollars and soak up the warm sun and relax, then fly back after a week or two ....i say lucky birds they stay down south longer.

winter and Christmas and bad driving road conditions are ahead.  It is Saskatchewan's weather, without volcanoes, tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes.  A great province to live in when you compare.

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