A wheelbarrow of thanks

thanks and giving ,are two words

to truly say out loud,

 change your eye glasses

on the people you love,

 what you see in them,

something you have not seen in them before,

like this wheelbarrow full of things that I see,

I see love in this wheelbarrow,

seeds of thought, preparing for growth,

letting things grow, and digging for abundance,

loading the leftovers to recompose for the next

phase of renewing "the dirt"

 with a new vision of loved ones

their wheelbarrow of life,

their giving of themselves,

harvesting and always preparing oneself

until this wheelbarrow is needed again next time,

What's in my wheelbarrow?

 well...it carries my load for me to discard and replant and start new next year!

I am thankful for walking past this wheelbarrow of life

Happy Thanksgiving!


1 comment:

Catherine said...

This is beautiful Donna!

Where have I been? I missed that you were blogging again. Welcome back!

I love Autumn so much. The season of change. Full of promises and hope. Who needs the New Year to start anew? Nope, we can start fresh whenever we want to. Each day is a new day.

The wheelbarrow of life - love it!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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