back to basics

 i like reconnecting with my husband and son, especially when all 3 of us are going different directions and we need to recompose and get back to basics and just sit and be family 
today we lunched out at "kabos"
i had a greek salad, even tho i would of really liked a grilled cheese and fries, but my salad did come with garlic toast!

coffee and a little family time is what keeps the connection alive.

speaking of connecting...Mantracker and I have had 2 invitations to spend time with our friends and also Mantracker's brother who have condos booked in Mexico in Jan 2012.  It has been hard..but we have turned down the vacation opportunity twice.  I travelled so much last year that i want to spend more funds on the home decor and hopefully have a trip to Texas in April. 
have a connecting weekend!

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Catherine said... I am craving french fries!

A few weeks ago my boys and I ate at the kitchen table together. We hadn't sat down together as a family for a long time. (Who knew the kitchen table was for meals....I thought that is where you put the mail and your purse! Ha!)

It's a wonderful thing to reconnect with the family over dinner. And when you don't have to cook - all the better! :)

xo Catherine

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