a new ride

this is it, my new Honda Ridgeline just brought home today.  This is a 2008 model.  I have wanted one of these for almost a year now.  the first time i got in it i loved it.  It is like a car and little truck neatly blended into an awesome ride.
Mantracker had this sitting in my parking spot at work today when I left to go home.  I knew he was looking at vehicles and he knew what i wanted.  He really made me feel like No 1 in his life today.  thanks honey, are you making the monthly payments too??

(ps the colour looks purple, but it is actually listed as Cherry Red, but i think the manufacturers are colour  blind!) 
woot! woot!

all wheel drive, and just the perfect vehicle for a country girl on the road.
ride safe this winter my friends!

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