really, I am fortunate...

Big Island, HI waterfall tour Jan 2011
I am pondering and wondering while i sit in my new navy blue recliner love seat (beautiful) and feeling the effects of "I really didn't have a good day," in other words it was a mediocre day...but Hey! i am a fun-loving creative woman...God is gracious to me...

 this is me in NYC in April 2011
 here i am under a mini waterfall at Stanley Park in Vancouver June 2011
 this picture above is Graham's best friend and he lives in Prince Albert, SK he got married on July 8th and invited our family.  Said it would mean alot to him if our family was present.
 Tom convocated in April at Lethbridge College.  He took us on a little tour of the Environmental Science lab he loved to work in.  I am proud of him!

I feel better now that I have gone through some happy momentous events that I have been blessed to have a part in.  This was a fun and loving year so far.  There is still 6 weeks left.  Who knows what wondrous things I will do and see.  Yes, i am a blessed woman!

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Catherine said...

You have seen and done some wonderful things this year Donna! And still six weeks left! I think those mediocre days help us to appreciate those days that are a little bit more special ~ no?

I have been to Stanley Park once a few October's ago. It was magical. I would love to go back.

Wishing you a happy, magical, wonderful, something special, fabulous day!

xo Catherine

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