social life

i am a very private person and love time at home by myself, reading, dabbling in photography , watching movies, walking outside on secondary roads and especially hugging my  special  friends outside, that at many times pull me over to go connect with them,
they listen, they really do and they are great healers, if you pay attention to the signs
of communication they subtlely relay back to you,

i am making an extra effort now adays to be more socially connected with community and  one or two special friends in the city.  I just came back from an "old fashiioned sleepover"  with a girlfriend and combined that with my dept xmas due (a local Little Theatre comedy production), it made me laugh  and  i did get to see acquaintances that do not cross my lifestyle path anymore (that is always cool),

however, there are only a very few who i can connect with and I consider myself blessed in actually having only a very few of those "true blue" human friends (they are special).
  The 4 "true blue" animal friends though, are always  just a few yards away from my front door, ready to hug and listen and carry me on their back, as only friends can

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Catherine said...

I can totally relate to enjoying time by myself. A cozy evening at home wins out over a party or social outing for me. Wayne is a social butterfly. Opposites attract? Haha!

And the four legged friends? Unconditional love. The best.

I like your new 'ride' below Donna ~ very fun!

Wishing you a beautiful week!
xo Catherine

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