Christmas has begun

I have 2 christmas presents already and it is only Nov 28!
the festivities are being celebrated already, it is too early for me to put up a tree, it seems we get crazier and earlier with Christmas, it is a time of year where one can get carried away and be creative and trip the light fantastic and shop till we drop, bake and entertain, their is no end!.  

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Catherine said...

Isn't it amazing how carried away we can let ourselves get with Christmas? I do put my tree up early but we have never done the crazy Christmas shopping thing. 'Santa' never brought big gifts to our house. Just something little for under the tree. One year he brought Kurtis a magnifying glass - haha! That's what he asked for so that's what he got! $3 at Walmart! Now Santa just brings socks. LOL!

Have a super weekend Donna!
xo Catherine

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