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you have noticed I am putting up blog posts again, as I did retire this practice back in July 2010 with a final post; this was because I was feeling lots of competition to make this website more appealing and to write more interesting and fun posts; and you know what?  it got to me and I felt I really didn't know what to say....  that is silly of course because we all have something to say, I just slipped into some 'old tapes" about myself and they were rewinding in my head back to "I am not enough" to do this anymore. 

I slowly slipped in a couple of posts here and there just for myself after July 2010 and thinking no one was checking this blog anymore and the pressure was off and then I just went at it again.
This is alot of fun taking pictures and writing short little entries of "nothing much". is the day to day living, not the spectacular amazing heroic and award winning events
that I like to read about, it is a person's feelings, thoughts, opinions and funny perceptions of getting through 'the days of our lives' that intrigues me. 

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Catherine said...

I am loving it that you are back to blogging Donna. And you always write from the heart which I think is the most important part of blogging. Please just keep being YOU. Just keep being.

Hope you don't mind that I keep popping in for a little read and comment now and then. But if you are wanting to keep this little world to yourself, just let me know ~ and I will resist the temptation to come over and visit. ;)

I like your coffee cup photo ~ very fun!

Lots of hugs,
xo Catherine

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