i just received this photo on my facebook page from my Choices buddy.  This is Carissa, she is 23 years old and expecting her 2nd baby.  She is also a Youth worker in Red Deer, Alberta.  We became buddies at the Choices Seminar in July.  A 4 1/2 day Seminar that has lifted me out of my "life sentence" about my guilt and painful past.   She is a beautiful young lady who as an aboriginal, has had to come to terms with a sordid past and she is working on forgiving her parents and receiving 'tools' to keep moving forward in life in a more positive way.
i pray that Santa spoils her and her baby as she is due to have it anytime this month.
speaking of this fella above; I believe in the idea of Santa Claus,
picked this Santa out at our local Pharmasave and marched right over to the till .. just because I like him!  (could hardly wait to put him outside - such fun!)

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Catherine said...

Oh I like this cute little Santa Donna! Fun!

Your Choices friend looks like a beautiful young woman. So glad you found each other.

xo Catherine

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