comfort and joy......

i bought lots of new decorations on sale a couple of January's ago....
 and purged the old favourites from years past.  Decorations have for me always been homemade by my boys during their school years; treasures they are.  I have saved a few but for me it is a sad time as memories surface and it is not that joyous to see some decorations hang for 2 weeks. 

so bought pink, girlie decorations and some homemade leather cowboy ornaments and lots of pink balls.

i find that less is more when decorating and with a real tree it is a shame to hide the trees last few days of glory.
comfort to me is new decorations to feel renewed
joy is waiting for the tree lights to be plugged in after the adornment of these precious objects are complete
"let their be light"
as that is my tide of comfort and joy!
be blessed everyone, treasure your memories, and know
things can be "bright and beautiful"

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Catherine said...

How pretty Donna! I must admit, that is one thing I miss about a real tree. The terrific smell! Somehow my fake branches just don't cut it! Ha!

Sending you lots of love and hugs and warm thoughts this holiday season friend! Wishing you peace and love.
xo Catherine

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