i need exercise!

i am on holidays now until Dec 29 and the SC Oratorio Christmas performances are done! whew...that is a committment, but it is also rewarding.  We get a break now until Jan 9 and start working on the Easter extravaganza! 

I need to get my body outside walking and play with a horse or two.  I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas and reading some books, maybe have some Christmas cheer with a friend or two.  But, right now I need to get out my physio blue foam roller and do my NUCCA stretches, then head outside and walk. 

However, I am still in my chair in the living room with stretch pants on and my pyjamas and an old sweater, with a coffee and toast.  (this is also part of the "body, mind-soul" exercise regime! oh ya!) 

How is your next week shaping up?

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