a pain

i purchased a blue roller from Central Ave Physiotherapy, in town, for my muscle stiffness around my right shoulder/rotator cuff.  It is back again and i have had 3 physio treatments this past week.    I don't like to mask pain with too much over-the-counter relaxants but I resorted to Advil liquid gel caps.  The pain was too intense.

This roller (my old one wore out from 2003) will release my tension now if i work at it twice a day, at least.
How much physio and acupuncture can i have? 

the great news is that my upper cervical chiropractor in Calgary has sure cured my neck stiffness and pain.  Even with this shoulder problem right now, previously, i would be dealing with neck pain, headaches, it would be the full-meal-deal.  Now I just have to sruggle with this shoulder;  since my boys were small, my muscle problems grew tall, and now I am in my fifties and their is no grace anymore.  work hard, sit right, keep muscles loose, stretch before/after exercise.  This is high maintenance (can anyone relate?)

I highly recommend the NUCCA doctor.  Unfortunately we do not have them in Sask. or Manitoba. 

just telling you as I have been pretty busy working on this right arm. 
take care of your body and be well!

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Catherine said...

It's so frustrating not having good health isn't it? We take it for granted. I'm glad your Calgary doctor has helped you and I sure hope your new roller helps as well!
xo Catherine

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