rock on with your fav...

here are some fun shots of my annual December credit union party
except there were no Christmas decorations, just a party to dress
up as your favourite rocker

things change and i am still back in the day when
you get an outfit and dress up and go to your office Christmas party with
seasonal decor. This year they came up with a theme called the "Rock of Ages"
and my coworkers "rocked" with their costumes.....

Cher and Janis Joplin

 Sonny Bono and Cher
Elvis (actually this is our CEO)

some people really got into it

this "rocker" well he was just waiting for the DJ to start to play 'Name That Tune'

that was my Christmas party this year, very different and fun!

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Catherine said...

Oh my stars! You captured some fun photos Donna! We were at the Weibe's 25 Anniversary party that night. Much lower key than this - haha!
xo Catherine

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