silver and leather

i finally got out for a ride today and my horse Ben had a bit of silver and leather going on
 for a holiday ride.
It was a cool winter wind
we rode for only about 1/2 hour and did some circle trots in our arena. 

 i took this picture below, but Ben startled a bit and i shifted to the right in the saddle
didn't quite get the shot I wanted...
It felt good to sit in a saddle and after my NUCCA adjustment on Monday i can sit so relaxed and balanced...
Christmas is almost here, so put on your silver and leather (or whatever spins your ponytail!) 

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Catherine said...

Aren't we having lovely weather this holiday season? Minus the wind of course, but I guess we must take the good with the bad - ha!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas Donna and a peaceful and relaxing time. All the best to you in the New Year as well.

xo Catherine

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