my son with hair

my boy
he has never had this much hair in his lifetime
he has been growing it out since November
his hair always stood up straight when it got long
henceforth he would just get a "butch" cut
i think it looks awesome now
he does not plan on cutting his hair and will keep it growing.  It has finally
laid flat and it looks great!

speaking of hair, we have two foxes living in our yard, i have never seen a fox that close
our dog likes to think it can catch them and chases them,
i am trying to get a photo {tricky}

be blessed today

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I like your son's hair longer ~ very nice! I always try to convince Kurtis to put a little gel in his hair. He always give me 'the look'... LOL!

I hope you get some photos of your little foxes ~ how cute!! I bet that is keeping your pup entertained ~ haha!

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend Donna!
xo Catherine

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