new in the kitchen...

my Christmas gifts were interesting this year and I haven't even used this one yet (Kitchen Aid Mixer) in the background of this photo, but my hubby sure has; that is why I still keep him around. He does not mind cooking/baking and their is alot this mixer can do! 
My new coffee press from my brother is cool and I am getting good at making an excellent pressed cup of coffee

French Coffee Press
(one tablespoon of course ground coffee (suitable for presses) for each cup of coffee you want place into glass pot. Note for stronger tasting coffee simply use more grounds.Pour hot water (not boiling) into pot. Leave a 25 mm (1 inch) minimum space at top of pot. Place the press into the coffee pot (do not press down yet) and let the coffee brew for at least four minutes. Now, slowly press on the top of unit until you have touched the bottom of the coffee pot. voila!  it is now ready to pour.)

On New Years Day we had some kitchen helpers; my kitchen is open to anyone who wants to bake or help with meals. It seems that my family Tom, Brian like to cook and bake and our nieces are taking an interest too.

{love the long blue feather in her hair}

making "grainola bars" a new Loonyspoons recipe by Greta and Janet

Our New Years Eve celebration was watching the timeless classic movie "The Princess Bride" {love}

now for hopefully more of this fabulous WARM winter weather!

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Catherine said...

Hmmmm....I need me some of those kind of family members. I can't cook and neither do my boys. Another night of chicken fingers and Kraft dinner.... LOL!

Princess Bride - classic! Wuv...twoo wuv....hahaha! Love it!

Back to work tomorrow. We did not win a million in Vegas...ha!

xo Catherine

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