Winter Wednesday

I went back to work yesterday and then my Wed off was today, so here is what I did with my day off.  I was at the hairdressers for a cut and colour this afternoon. I was playing around with my new iphone 4, while my colour was saturating my hair. It is so amazing and easy to use, i can google, check e-mails, take pictures, check weather updates, use google maps, telephone, text message, facebook, but I do not blog on it, (yet). I am liking this new "toy"!
 Mantracker attempted some photos with the iphone so it is a bit faraway, but that is me riding Ben, in both photos.

 Yes, Summer is still with us and is doing quite well, he doesn't come into the house anymore because the steps are a problem for his hip, even tho we made the new deck steps with him in mind, so we now have a heat lamp set up over his bed in the barn to help with his hip pain along with the vet medicine he takes twice a week.

we rode an easy 4 miles today and Ben still does not like that little click over his head that my iphone makes so he is blurry in this picture.  It was such a nice warm January day.


Catherine said...

A new iPhone - very fun! Doesn't it make you wonder what you used to do with out it? Looks like you had a wonderful day off - good for you!
xo C

LMWIEBE said...

Glad to see you are back Donna, I always enjoy your blog.

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