all that does not glitter

this is a real "light" post

i bought this "sundance" neck chain/pendant at a 5th Ave Jewellery party a couple of years ago.  I spent $100 on it.  The chain has broken off the saudered ends once and a jewel stone that was GLUED on (excuse me?)
has come off because it dropped on the floor accidentally last night and it is just a cheap flat fake blue little glass mirrored stone, i can glue it back on but it is not worth it. 

I was fooled by "all that glitters" and it doesn't feel right when I wear it (which has only been twice)

this bracelet below, I bought in Calgary at 'In Gear' in January. I spent $20.00 on it. It is a solid metal with chunks of silver daisies all around it and thread by a strong silk brown thread with adjusting pull strings that hold well.  I have worn it several times. I received value with this bracelet.

I hope you have a solid day and know that you have value and do not let the glitter blind you! 

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Catherine said...

It is so frustrating spending good money on something that should have been of better quality! Booooo 5th Ave Jewellery!!!! It appears their 'bling' is a bit of a bust!!

But look at your sweet little bracelet! Now that was a deal! Very cute.

Well, live and learn right? That's all we can do.

Perhaps you can make the pendant into a craft or something. Hmmm....

Wishing you a beautiful week Donna!
xo Catherine

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