fun and work

here i am in Vancouver last June 2011
I was just finishing up my 3rd vacation in 6 months and I had been tanning since November 2010,(I am looking a little "over-baked" on my face here) but...  
yes, i am happy in this pic, I had been to NYC, Hawaii and now I am just coming down on the gondola on Grouse Mountain as I left my vacation party and had hiked up to the "eye of the wind" windmill and now i was riding down the mountain.  I am in a summer shirt and there is snow all around me.  It was quite a "ride" .

back to present day, Feb 2012, busy working every day at a desk job and at home we are doing a complete gutted renovation of our main bathroom

actually Mantracker is doing most of the work and I am making the colour decisions.  New toilet, painting over oak vanity and bathroom cupboards new floor, new new new....

so, I am not tanned or packing a suitcase to go anywhere this winter,  i am liking just staying around home.

keep you posted on the "powder room" renos.

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