praying for a friend

update:  i shared my feelings with my friend yesterday and i am so glad i did.  We talked on the phone for a long time; and I understand now where she is at.  {happy}

ever thought you were losing a friend because of a choice she made that you didn't agree with and you don't know how long the disconnection to that friend will last or if it ever will return to the way it used to be?
yes, i am losing a dear friend and i don't know how to get her back.

i need to go back to this little country church and pray and sing for an hour
Mantracker and I sure needed this hour, it was a special country church service.

i am sad for my friend and i will have to tell her that i miss her
(i have to share because it is important to share...}

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Catherine said...

It is so hard when friendships change ~ by choice or by circumstance. I hope you found some comfort in your little country church Donna. There's always so much warmth and peace in small churches isn't there?
xo Catherine

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