update oak cabinetry

very pleased with our selection of off white-ivory refinish for our cabinets
and did re-use all the previous hardware just did not put on the background plate on each handle.

used same brass hardware but took off the ornate background plates (we just put the hardware on a tray in a dishwasher cycle to clean them)

this oak cabinetry is in our kitchen, dining and basement bathroom still, so we are pleased with how the painted cabinets in our main bathroom look now 

previous towel bar hardware works fine in here

next is.....
new flooring install,
trim to put on,
new toilet is ready for install,
new shower curtain,
acessories (really fun part),
our ivory swirl marbel countertop stays (of course).
the wall colour really freshens this old style main bathroom!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Yes yes yes! I like it! I can hardly wait to see the next update. Looking good Donna!
xo Catherine

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