put words together and leave out the excess and see how it inspires your thinking
(this is on my wall at home)

here is a word that i wonder how it was created because someone was able to move the letters around

What does it feel like when you know you are really being heard?
what if you were to first seek to understand and then to be understood?
When you take the word "Listen" and change the letters around you get the word "Silent" and then if you change the words around you get "Tinsel" like in the silver lining.
I am listenening to what people are saying to me. Sometimes it will be with words and sometimes it will be their body language.

what words put together inspire you to act?

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Catherine said...

I love the words on your wall Donna. Beautiful!

I sometimes think 'listening' is a lost art. We don't seem to do a very good job of it. Full attention. Complete eye contact. Not trying to interrupt.

Love the word written in the sand. Perhaps someone will see it and stop and think for a moment huh?

We wrote in the sand at the Landing yesterday as well as made a heart shape out of stones. I hope it makes someone smile when they come across it.

xo Catherine

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