whenever i am completely in the driver,s seat, (which is not often) like riding a horse (I have to be in control and change with the horse when needed),
i realize how much things change and it is ever so prevalent in this era we are in,
even with the  technology, which we all know, is at a pace that we do not have 100% control over.
my children have changed with choices good and bad
my lifestyle is being forced to change, due to weight gain, lab results from the doctor
if one worries and lets a certain aspect of this push you aside,
what do you have?
you have no control, or it at least feels like it?
yes, we do have control, going to the basics of simple eating, simple pleasures, and walking away when a place or situation is not to your liking,
authenticating your friends,
controlling your finances,
keeping your integrity,
asking for help? why not? if you need it, ask for it!
changes are good, 
just keep 'you' intact
know you are important to someone!

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