die headache

I went home from work on Mon afternoon with a headache and feeling sick in the stomach.  I felt it was the flu bug.
Tues I stayed home and tried to rid the headache.
Wed morning I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes and headed to town.  I came back feeling pretty good about my headache.  I had swallowed a couple of advil and it just dulled the ache.  I am not normally a pill popper for pain.
I returned to work Thursday and the headache was still there.
 I popped another advil.
 At lunchtime I went downstairs in the basement gymn/meeting room and turned out the lights, and lay on my yoga mat and rolled the foam roller on my upper shoulders and neck.  My headache after about 20 minutes subsided.

I returned to my desk after lunch and worked all afternoon feeling that this headache was coming back again and it did..
 by thursday evening when I got home I had my husband put his hands on my neck so I could feel if it was coming from my neck.  Sure enough the bone at the base of each side of my skull was as tight as a bow string.

I finally sat in a meditation pose and started slowly and deeply to tilt my head far to the right slowly and I let the weight of my head start stretching and pulling, ooh it was tight mama!

It is Friday and I am progressing favourably and still stretching my neck as much as possible but feeling things loosening up and my headache is 90% better.

so this headache died slowly

If I had a migraine (which i have never had) i can only imagine the extent a person would go through to shut themselves out from the world to ease the pain.

this was not a fun week!. But at least I am now back to my old self.  Nice to be back again, is all I can say.

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Catherine said...

Bad headaches - not fun! I get allergy sinus headaches and they always seem to take a few days to get rid of. Sometimes a cool mask covering my eyes helps. That was a good idea to go downstairs and relax at work. We almost need a 'quiet' room at work don't we?

Hope you are having a happy healthy weekend Donna!
xo Catherine

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