a healing GoTo place

we came back from Calgary Sat nite,
i am so grateful for this province of Alberta,
here is why...

 my foot surgery a year and a half ago in Medicine Hat removed a bump that resembled a rheumatoid nodule.  I am happy to report that I am wearing regular shoes, no more ortheopedic insoles,the lump is gone, and i have willed it to never come back!

A wonderful opportunity came up when Mantracker got this part time job as a land agent out of Medicine Hat after he retired from FCC , he does have some business in Calgary from time to time and.
I zoomed up their with him several times to check out my NUCCA doctor and it has been a lifestyle change.  Please checkout www.drscholten.com to find out more about NUCCA

also a major perk people!!......, we get to use this condo in downtown Calgary for overnight stays and it is pretty nice.  This was Tommy's first visit to this condo and I think he thought it was okay.  Mantracker's new employer is very gracious in letting us stay there when we want, even if it is not business related.
(pretty super!)  
when I was in Calgary this last July Mantracker and Tommy coerced me to attend Choices Seminars
and it was  the best thing since that tragic year in 2004, that has really helped all 3 of us,
my "life sentence"has been put to rest...so to speak,
(we are just goofing around in our t-shirts in this photo)

oh yes, and I am so glad this "fellow'  went through  Choices seminars too,
yes Alberta has been a healing province for all three of us

do you have a GoTo place?

if not here is a video to take your mind off of stuff!

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Catherine said...

What a terrific condo and how wonderful you can use it whenever you want! I love Calgary and I love Alberta. I would move to Medicine Hat in a minute.

I'm so happy that you and your little family found the Choices Seminars. It sounds like it has really helped heal. Beautiful.

Sending you big hugs Donna!
xo Catherine

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