reno reveal

we are completely satisfied with our new bathroom reno
here are some pics below,  I realize now how difficult it is to take bathroom photos as I had trouble with the window light and the narrowness of the room,

I even stood in the bathtub to try a different angle

 these sheer window curtains have a soft ivory embroidered stitching pattern of tiny stems and leaves

4 weeks later and $1300 total cost

well worth the time and money!


Anonymous said...

WOW! The fellow that did that deserves something very special!!

Donna said...

Yes Mantracker you did a great job! I am making a special supper for you this evening! don't forget the colour scheme was all my idea! love you!

Tommy said...

Looking good!

Catherine said...

Love it! I was anxious to come back and see the finished project. Very very nice. And look at your new towels. Yup... I like it! Good job!

xo Catherine

LMWIEBE said...

Haha, love your comments and your bathroom, great job. Thanks for sharing!

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