Vocals and Yvette Moore

I am feeling that there really is something inside me that is artistic.  Artistry and creativity are different,  
I am singing in a choir that has been performing for 37 years in this city.  Many  talented artists that I sing with. 
There is a power when the surge of music, from all female and male voices pour out, puts me on a different plane in this universe.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Our choir is getting ready for the 'Requiem' easter performance on April 15.  We are singing with the Regina Symphony/Chamber Players. 

 I am learning to sing, I have to focus on the difficult music I hold in my hands.  I sometimes go to my piano to make sure I am singing in tune. There is no critical voice saying "what are you doing in this choir?  you can't sing".  No critical voice stays with me.

 because i am so involved right now with long practices each week; I picked up this artist's painting of a little girl at the piano.  This is a Yvette Moore painting and it sits on my piano now.  don't you just love the bottom of the shoes and the ragdoll on the bench.  The detail is stunning!

Have yourself a surge of artistry this weekend!

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