winter is finally getting to me...

I am 'under the gloom' of March 1st.  The month of march is the longest month of the whole year for me.

the bathroom is shaping up beautifully (thanks to my husband) and I am going shopping on Saturday to spruce up the new colours with ACCESSORIES, shower curtain, bathroom floor mat, bathtub mat and towels, I need wall decor too!

...March however can eat away at me and so we are heading to Calgary March 16 to the best day ever at Choices Seminars and hope to see some of our new friends. 
I have no uplifting photos for you but you can watch this

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Catherine said...

Your bathroom is really coming together Donna. Pretty! I like your flooring.

I am hoping this snow stops so that Michele W and I can go to the Hat tomorrow. Booooo snow!

Have fun picking out your new bathroom accessories on Saturday. Where are you shopping for them?

I love Calgary. It sounds like you are going to have a good time. Good for you!

I will go watch your video.

xo Catherine

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