changing it up!

well, i did not sit and read with a soft blanket on top of me this weekend.  Oh no sirry (sp)

i went shopping with my Mom on Saturday, she didn't know what to get me for my birthday and I didn't say much, so then she said how about some casserole dishes?    

I politely and urgently said NO!  then she thought we should shop for a gift for me?  I answered, well that MIGHT (LOL) be an idea we could try?

here are my new digs.

 (thanks Mom )

Tommy raised $216.00 for Sask Ability Bowl and the theme this year was cartoon characters

it is fun to change things up and put on some "different threads"!

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Catherine said...

Looks like you and I were on the road this weekend. Going shopping is always a good reason to get off the couch. :)

Love your new outfit Donna - what a sweet mom you have. And good for Tom in raising the money! Woot woot!

xo Catherine

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