I am just going to sit!

I think it is so funny to see a large animal sitting on the ground
probably it was easier to sit than trying to stay standing with this horrible wind!

I used to think there was something wrong with them and 
hurt or a lame leg?

just chillin
 what a sweet little colt face he still has (he is 17 years old now)
I love how Ben's long legs just tuck and bend beside and under him


just kinda cool to be at on a different viewing level with a horse, I am usually looking up at them!


Catherine said...

Well who can blame sweet Ben for hunkering down out of the wind! It's nasty! Honestly Donna... where is spring...? Is it ever going to get here and stay? sigh... did you see the snowflakes in the forecast for Sunday? grrr....

Oh well. Hopefully you and Ben will get out of a lovely sunny ride soon without the wind! :)

Have a terrific weekend!
xo Catherine

shirley said...

It is fun to watch them get up and down from that position and even better when they decide to roll on the ground.
He's a cutie!

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