it all came together

the last 4 days have been so different and uplifting, the Requiem performance at Bridgeway Community Church was a long day of rehearsal and then perform for 2 hours in the evening,
i do absolutely love being part of this choral choir though;.Singing with the Regina Chamber Players(symphony) was beyond beautiful!  here we are below getting ready for rehearsal Sunday afternoon.  My friends and my Mom and Dad and my mantracker and Tommy came to the performance.  I even waved to my mom and friend Shirley when I got on stage.  (just like when I was a little girl in school - it made me chuckle at myself)  

our friends from the east end of the province (Spy Hill, SK) stayed for a few days after and here is what happened.....
Morley and Shirley are  a painting team and were working on our basement  (with Mantracker) while I was at work (sweet!) They are a good team when it comes to painting.  I am very impressed!  thank you..thank you!

and then Shirley and I water- colour painted one evening and I also had a pre-birthday supper ready for me to eat when I got home from work on Tues nite. (lets not forget the delicious choc cake she made for her husband's and my birthdays)  
(i enjoy the simple plant/flower attempts, Shirley is a painter herself so hers is still a work in progress for her - I wish I would of taken a photo of it)

Morley also brought his horse, Scofield ,and the men did some riding together as well, 
and of course we all must go home and this horse was having a bit of trouble wanting to get back into the trailer.  I think he just didn't want to leave our place as he was having fun with his 4 other friends.

 bye Scofield!

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