off kilter

this was my mother-in-law's 
Royal Standard
fine bone china
{Garland pattern)

Doris Kirk (who was an English war bride)
i do miss her sometimes, she was wise with words,
I have not forgotten some words,
"everything passes in time"
"keep peace in the family"
"don't you be a blighter"

"Donna, your boys are not like the other boys"
"they are special"

She was a little off kilter herself sometimes,
and loved a good "splash" of alcoholic spirits which
usually fixed up alot of medicinal maladies! lol

you have to love the British though, they are great conversationlists
just as Doris was

I wasn't planning on talking about my mother-in-law, who has now passed on about 17 years
or so ago,

I just wanted to let her know I really love having her special china from England
and I think she might be surprised at that.

Cheers! here is to being a little off  kilter
and enjoying a good cup of tea once in awhile!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I think tea always tastes better out of a pretty china cup. I don't know why. This is a very pretty pattern.

I had to google to see what a 'blighter' was...LOL!

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday Donna ~ it looks like it's going to be a nice one! Though I will be spending the day in Regina shopping rather than outside enjoying the weather. ;)

xo Catherine

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