practicing Requiem

our Oratorio Choir performance is
on April 15th
i just came home from another 2 1/2 hours of singing
we have a 10 year old boy who sings a solo in a soprano voice in one part of
the performance
2 other soloists will be outstanding
in their parts of this beautiful Requiem performance
I find Mondays a long day but so worth it
when I start singing at 7:30 each Monday
Greg McLean is our conductor
Marcia Mclean is also our conductor

One young lady sings beside me
she graduated from high school 2010
I am so wanting to ask her about her social life, (hmmm nosy mother trying to hook up son with blind date?)


It will be a new thrill for me to be singing in a choir
and also with instrumentalists from the Regina Chamber Players
Requiem (mass for the dead)
is an Easter score,
it is dark, it is beautiful,
and it is pretty

may your spirit be lifted this Easter!

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Catherine said...

Haha ~ oh you made me laugh! Well you know I totally see NOTHING wrong with trying to find a nice girl for our sons. I have on the odd occasion...(well...more times than I should admit...) asked Kurtis "Who's that cute young girl working at the checkout of the Coop?" I usually get that suspicious look and then subsequent 'eye roll'. Sigh...well a mother has to try doesn't she? LOL!

I didn't know you sang Donna! How lovely!

Wishing you and your little family a wonderful Easter Donna!
xo Catherine

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