a simple Easter

i picked this pretty perennial plant out of several to choose from at Safeway florists.
it sure brightened up my Easter supper table.  It is so surprising to me always how plants are so UPLIFTING as soon as one catches your eye.  God's gracious gifts, always simple and inspiring.

my Easter was a nice turkey supper Saturday and watching the movie War Horse (clic on it and watch a movie trailer), this movie was done as a tribute to all the millions of horses that died in World War I this is a must see!

I know you had something brighten up your Easter weekend, something simple and maybe only for a minute, but yet you will not forget for awhile?


LMWIEBE said...

Love the flowers! Looks Great!!

Catherine said...

I love those little flowers at Safeway. They are always so pretty. I bought a bunch of cut flowers from there 3 weeks ago. They still look terrific! That brightened my weekend for sure.

We had turkey for Easter too on Friday. Yesterday Wayne watched golf and I sat at my craft table and colored and painted. Yup...that makes me happy! :)

Have a terrific week Donna!
xo Catherine

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