blood sugar

i really am and always have been a horrible gobbler of food and if the food is healthy i will even eat more of it.  you are supposed to eat handfuls of meat, carbs and twice more of vegetables, greens, leafy foods.

six weeks ago i had high blood sugar at 9.7 which is almost diabetic.  So I have been on a new lifestyle and eating from the Canada food guide, which is great but it is the PORTION of foods that is so important.  I have no problem exercising everyday but it is the small portions that I am finding difficult.

I have lost 11 pounds, and not because I am watching my weight, specifically, it is just that I am so busy testing my blood sugar 3 times a day.  The normal blood sugar when you get up in the morning (fasting blood sugar should be between the numbers 4 and 5).  I finally got it down to 5.7 yesterday morning and thought yahoo!

I saw a nutrtionist and registered dietician about 3 weeks ago and it was very helpful and took away some fears of diabetes.  Because I have Type 2 diabetes right now and I will always have it.  But this kind of diabetes can be controlled.

these are my tools and I really love the recipes in this Better Homes and Gardens magazine my friend gave me

I am keeping this lifestyle for LIFE, oh I may have a set back or two but that is the way lifestyle and living is supposed to be.  Embracing and learning!


Tommy Wommy Salami said...

Wow, you look great, and even younger to be totally honest

Catherine said...

I am so glad you are taking care of yourself Donna. Making it about health really does seem to help with loosing weight don't you think? 11 pounds ~ good for you girl!!! I hope your new outfit that your mom bought you still fits!

I went to a nutritionalist too a couple of years ago when I first started to think about getting healthy. It really did help.

Keep up the good work on your blood sugars my friend!

xo Catherine

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