bored today

my  pretty petunias are waiting to go into their pots,
some are in their pots and I have had bed sheets covering them for 5 days (grr!),
{looks like we could stain or paint our front steps too (embarrassed) }

this province sure challenges our patience when it comes to the climate
hope your Sunday is blessed!


Catherine said...

Snow at the end of May will do that to a person... :(
xo C

Donna said...

oops Catherine my picture never loaded on my blog and all you saw was "bored today" LOL - I have my picture and a few more words now - our internet was on and off out here today! have a good week!

Catherine said...

Haha - well I think the snow is still depressing - booooo! My flowers are up against the house under towels and plastic awaiting planting too! Crazy weather!

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