little Brook

We find training is so much fun when a 3 year old horse is learning - this horse has had some good solid foundations from the owner, but he has never been ridden and of course you need to expose them to all kinds of sounds and objects that they may encounter when they leave the safety of their grazing fields and barn stalls.  

Brook seems just fine with this ball 

with a nice little horse like this, you sometimes don't end up selling them because they are of such a good tempermant and good mind, you want them for yourself.  

Our friend Morley owns this horse and Mantracker is adding more indepth training on the ground and in the saddle so he is comfortable having someone on his back!


Anonymous said...

good pictures

Catherine said...

Clearly I don't know anything about horses. Who knew you trained them by playing ball with them!?! :)

Hope you had a terrific weekend Donna.

I have today off ~ I think I will spend it in my garden.

xo Catherine

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