this day for Mothers

i had a relaxing Mother's Day weekend and my son
spoiled me (as usual) and know that without him
Mother's Day would suck (pardon the lack of a better word)

I read the 1st and 2nd books of The Hunger Games, I am addicted to the story and now need
to pick up the third and last book.
I watched 2 movies Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise
and then Sunday I watched The Descendants with George Clooney
I really enjoyed it, plus I was sick with a sore throat and very tired and slept alot too!

 I know for lots of Mom's this day can be pushed at them and the "special" gifts and moments advertised on TV are unforgiving
  These celebrations are reminders of many Moms and their children and many woman who want
to be a Mom and some who can't figure out how to be one?

we all have a purpose on this earth and if you found Mother's Day to be sad, or difficult, or happy and blessed, then know that it is all planned for some of us to have these different emotions on this day

Women are nuturing and Mothers' to many on this earth - I celebrate that!


Catherine said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend Donna!
xo Catherine

Catherine said...

Well except for being sick of course ~ but I like the 'snoozing' part of being sick. One must always look at the bright side. ;)

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