When Bad Things Happen to Good People

 the darkness of a young life gone
the grip of fear and anger
the empty eternal space
once wonderfully contained by a young man
my emotions are high
for a woman who I work for and work with
every day
she lost a child, or so she loved him like one
faith is tested,
God is ready for the anger
the senselessness of it
no grief is the same
and surviving the days after
for yourself, but worse yet
watching other loved ones suffering in grief
I am with 2 women in my life who have lost this year, a precious child
who left them in a tragic way
here is to learning to live the now 2nd life you are forced to
be present in

Blessings and Peace

1 comment:

Catherine said...

It's so hard to understand what life is all about when such traggic things happen. The whys. The what ifs. The pain.
Sending warm thoughts for those that are hurting tonight.
xo Catherine

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