we have been married for 32 years as of today and
this bracelet (above) that I own and purchased myself for a great price (not telling)
has just the right bobbles and gold metal ropes and  some heart shapes, rings, a bit of diamond -like showiness, that happily sits on my wrist
and I was telling my coworker today that it has been 32 years for Brian and I;
how does one manage to stay together for that length of time. 
we have had a strong sense of ourselves from day 1.  Which means that when times were
difficult, money tight, children struggles, relationship arguments,
but yet like all the variations on this bobble in the pic above
we have stayed determined and drew out our humour frequently to ease thru stress,
I have been known to be a bit too carefree at times and give up on the restraints life tempts me to accept,

so this conversation about my 32 years of marriage concluded that
each of us has to have something to do that the other is not a part of, somewhere to be that
is away from the marriage for a brief time
Brian has his horses and ranch hand purpose
i have found my choir and this website with my pictures to be purposeful
trusting each other is loving each other
I love my Mantracker for that alone

just sayin..

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