just like kids...or horses

Walker (above) is a "jumper"  he likes to all of a sudden be on the other side of our fences with
no sign of damage or running through a gate.  We have not witnessed him jumping but twice now he has appeared on the wrong side of the fence.  Yes he needs to be an equestrian jumper. What to do about that?  electric fence, we live close to a highway so is dangerous for us and horse. 

Walker has also been chased by one of our horses and ran through a metal gate.  No injury to himself but gate needed repair.

Brooks (named  for Brooks & Dunn because he is a Dunn color which means he is a buckskin but has  a black stripe down his back and legs)
he gave Mantracker a taste of what he thought about heading into a canter or lope for the first time and Mantracker had a bucking bronco ride for a few minutes.
I am sorry I was not able to witness that ride,!
Brooks also ran through a white training metal gate and carried it for a few yards.  Tom saw that action happen.  No injury to  Brooks and minor repair to the training gate.

this saga will continue...

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Catherine said...

Haha ~ who knew horses could be so naughty? I'm glad Walker and Brooks were OK!
Hope you are having a terrific weekend Donna!
xo Catherine

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