issues good and bad

i like this horse of ours, Big Ben
he likes butting things with his nose and he played with his empty oat dish and finally picked it up almost like asking for more!
 he is so kind and tall
and pleasant to trot and lope
he is our favourite (special) horse
you know the kind of animal that you just
keep because of who he is.


when you train someone else's horse and it doesn't work
out we take them back
and that is what we did with Walker below
he kept jumping fences and 
we could not safely keep him
for that reason alone
plus he is the only horse so far
that it felt good to not see him out
in our yard anymore
he had other issues and was getting better but
"the jumping"  
we live right beside a highway
so back to home he goes

you win and you lose
that's life

makes the world go round

peace and sunshine to you!

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